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American Akita puppy care in winter

It is your puppy's first winter. What is important to know:
  1. 1. Do not panic if you notice your puppy is trembling and moves around with caution – this is a common reaction to snow for the first time, it has nothing to do with hypothermia. Puppies adapt very quickly – and then it is a sheer pleasure to watch the Akita's winter fun.
  2. 2. You need to monitor the paws: snow clogs up between the toes and sometimes these lumps cause significant discomfort and prevent the dog from moving normally. Help the puppy with this problem.
  3. 3. It is recommended to give warm water after a walk. For better sleep you can try adding a weak chamomile brew.

Also, be advised that puppies at least 6 months old may live outside the house. American Akita can tolerate frost well, but their body need time to get strong enough. Think in advance about the open-air cage and kennel winterization, protect the animal's territory from blowing snow (shield the leeward side with any durable water-repellent cover).

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