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American Akita shedding and coat care

American Akita shedding and coat care

Dogs of this breed possess a beautiful, elastic and very thick coat with a dense undercoat having almost no specific smell.

Akita hair care is pretty easy. They don’t require frequent bathing. In fact, one bath per month is enough to maintain the dog clean. And, of course, you need to wash their paws and dirty coat areas after a walk on bad weather. In addition, Akitas require brushing a couple times a week.

Do I need special cosmetic products for coat? Yes, with the help of such products you can achieve moisturization, make combing easier, and shed lustre on the coat. For the American Akita breed, such products as IV SAN BERNARD, PLUSH PAPPY, BIO-GROOM have proven their worth.

How to bathe Akita? Basically, it does not require any special settings. Make it comfortable for a dog by placing a non-slip mat in the tub. It is recommended to protect their ears with cotton plugs. You should have a pre-diluted detergent in the right proportion and a few towels at hand. Optionally, you can use a butter and conditioner for coat.

When it comes to bathing a puppy, begin with taking an assistant who will distract the puppy and make sure that he does not jump out in fright.

Watch the water – it should be a pleasant room temperature, not hot. Wet the coat, apply shampoo, massage for a couple minutes and rinse thoroughly. Then use the conditioner according to the instructions. Rinse. At first, squeeze the coat out by hand, and then wrap the dog in a towel (sheets are good too) and remove the cotton plugs.

American Akita shedding and coat care
American Akita shedding and coat care

How to dry Akita? Make sure there are no drafts, turn off the air conditioner. Let your pet run for a while and shake off excess water. Then proceed to hot or cold blow dry. Akitas quickly get used to the noise of the instrument, so ignore puppy’s initial fright. Of course, it is easier to dry the dog on the table, but you will have to watch carefully so that Akita does not fall. Dry the coat bottom-up, and, if necessary, use a comb. Invest all the time you need for this stage and dry the coat all the way through to avoid intertrigos.

Let’s brush Akita! You will need only 2 things: a metal rake comb and a slicker brush for finishing. Brush your Akita no more than 2 times a week.

Shedding. Akitas shed seasonally (spring-autumn) or depending on cycle. During this period, you need to brush the dog daily. Frequent bathing (several times a week) and hot drying help speed up the shedding. And, of course, you will have to wipe the floors daily. Don’t worry: the older your pet, the less shedding it will be. Shedding is quite usual thing.