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General nutritional information for American Akita dogs

General nutritional information for American Akita dogs

Needless to say, a high-quality and balanced diet is a guarantee of your pet’s health and longevity.

General information about dog food

When choosing dog food for the American Akita, take into account the following:

  • Try holding to a low protein diet, as protein is one of the potent allergens. Among all products, we give accent to chicken, beef, milk fat products, corn, oats and wheat that can cause allergic reactions.
  • Eighteen percent of fats is enough, but protein should be at least twenty five percent.
  • Give preference to food without preservatives and food coloring.
  • Unlike Japanese ancestors, American Akitas do not need a fish diet: they are perfectly fine with meat, porridge, and they love fruits and vegetables.
  • It is important to feed the dog at a certain time, avoid overfeeding, in order to prevent volvulus in the future.
  • Be sure to keep bowls clean.
  • Akitas drink a lot. Therefore, ensure that the bowl of water is always full.

How to feed the American Akita puppy

Up to 4 weeks, puppies are fed exclusively on breast milk. After that you can switch to food items. Of course, Akita babies, just like any other puppies, need an appropriate set of microelements and vitamins while growing up. During the period of active growth, the dog needs to consume more calcium, the food should be more nutritious.

Puppy basic diet: 75% – meat, 15% – dairy products, 5% – other products.

Suggested diet: meat (boiled veal, rabbit meat), low-fat kefir and cottage cheese. Starting 4 months you can add rice and buckwheat, replace boiled vegetables with ordinary ones (Akitas love carrots, pumpkin, zucchini). Only boiled eggs. Occasionally, you can give them boiled sea fish. Apples from time to time. Starting the six months you can give them a beef bone to gnaw.

Not the best option: pork, lamb, chicken, potato.

Never: smoked products, sweets.

How often to feed: ideally, up to 4 months meals should be 4-time meals and at a certain time. For example, 8.00, 12.00, 16.00, 20.00. By 5 months – 3-time meals: 8.00, 14.00, 18.00. And by 6 months – 2-time meals: 8.00, 18.00.

General nutritional information for American Akita dogs
General nutritional information for American Akita dogs

Feeding an adult American Akita

Starting 8 months, the dog can be switched to dry dog food or appropriate natural food. Aspects of natural dog food nutrition Roughly divide all products into 4 equal parts: meat, dairy, porridge, vegetables. Give it in the following proportions.
  • Give preference to lean meat.
  • Occasionally, provide fish products (boil and blend, keep the bones –the dog will receive more calcium this way).
  • Lowstarch vegetables: add broccoli, beetroot, green peas to recommended above carrots, pumpkin and zucchini. Vegetable oil promotes good vegetable digestion, so consider adding it in small quantities.
  • Low-fat dairy.
  • If you wish to treat your pet to fruits, eliminate citrus and grapes. All berries are suitable except blackberries.
  • Seaweed is beneficial for the Akita health. It can also be given as chewable tablets.
Off limits: smoked and salty food, raw and excessive-bone fish, raw meat, sweets (remember that Akitas are prone to diabetes). Aspects of dry dog food nutrition In general, dry dog food is the most optimal nutritional system for the American Akita, as it is compiled according to a carefully considered balanced formula, and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, there are hypoallergenic and medicinal food. What you need to know when choosing dry dog food:
  • Do not even look at cheap and universal dog food: elite dogs require appropriate food. By saving on food, you will pay much more for treatment later. Your choice is super premium and premium food.
  • High protein food (such as soy) are not suitable for our breed.
  • Eliminate food with corn and wheat components – they affect badly on digestive tract.
  • Give preference to food with high content of meat and bone meal

American Akita dog food review

The following dog food brands are considered among the best:

Acana: super premium and holistic food with natural ingredients of the highest quality. It contains a lot of meat (up to 60%) and various vitamins, and also herbs, fatty acids, berries, antioxidants.

Holistic Artemis: a completely different approach to compiling a full-fledged diet: there are no cereals, only 1/5 of meat. Instead, it contains egg powder, duck, salmon, seaweed, berries and fruits, chicory root, green tea and other unusual products.

Canidae: based on meat and meat meal, most of the proteins are derived from animal sources. Contains a lot of vitamins, micro- and macroelements.

Royal Canin: needs no introduction due to its popularity. A wide product range for dogs of different breeds, including a therapeutic series. Large selection of ingredients.

Orijen: this food is rich on natural proteins (turkey, chicken, fresh-water and ocean fish, eggs. In addition to vegetables and berries, it also contains interesting phytocomplexes (roots of various plants, turmeric, mint).

How to feed a pregnant and lactating Akita

Your task is to support your pet during this period, providing her with the maximum number of useful microelements.

  • Although protein is an allergen, during pregnancy and lactation is essential in large quantities: meat, fish, eggs, milk.
  • Strictly control the amount of food. Akita should not overeat and gain weight rapidly.
  • If you follow a natural diet, be sure to provide vitamin complexes for females during pregnancy and lactation (for example, “POLIVIT-C plus”, “FERTIL”, “GRAVID”).

Feeding an old American Akita

Dogs of this breed live up to 15 years. Unfortunately, ageing and all the associated problems are inevitable.

How do you know your dog is getting old? You start noticing that its coat gradually turns gray, activity gradually falls, vision and hearing decrease, and grumpiness shows.

It is time to rearrange diet: the fat content and caloric value should be reduced, but fiber should be added in order to improve the activity of the digestive tract. Give your dog vitamin supplements for older animals (SENIOR, RECOVIT, etc.). Always be in touch with your veterinarian: they can evaluate physical condition of your dog and recommend a suitable diet.